Up and Running

Both of my readers have no doubt noticed this site has been down for at least ten months. Maybe more like a year. As is evident from this post, I finally solved the issue.

What took so long? Part laziness, I suppose. It had been a while since I’d added content and then the ole “out of sight, out of mind” issue kicked in. It was more based on fear of how troublesome I imagined a call to technical support might be. I did not relish the idea of a four hour phone call just to get disconnected.

Celestial Titan Fresh Hop at OddPitch.

In the end, a call to technical support lasting less than 30 minutes had Growler Fills back up and running. Kudos to Godaddy’s customer service. Professional and competent.

The content on the site is now old, but not irrelevant. That was part of the desire to get it back. In a small way I ended up capturing tidbits of history as Montana exploded through the craft beer boom. Though this endeavor has always been undertaken at my expense, the relationships formed along the way made it worth it.

I take no offense if you’re wondering whether the time has passed for sites like mine. I’m asking the same question. I make no promises about future content, but am not ready to retire it.

The first order of business is to update the list of breweries in the sidebar on the right. Even during the pandemic years, much has changed. (Goodbye, Kalispell, Snow Hop, and Cymatic, hello OddPitch, New Ventures and Shred Monk.) Send me a note if you can help identify gaps.

I appreciate you’re still here.