June 11 Kettlehouse UNite To Benefit Pink Boots Society

Community pint nights dedicated to raising money for various local organizations are common events for many Montana breweries, including KettleHouse Brewing Co.’s weekly Community UNite held each Wednesday at the brewery’s Northside taproom.

For Wednesday, June 11, 2014, Kettlehouse takes on a challenge that is a little closer to home – an opportunity to raise $1,000 for the Pink Books Society®, an organization dedicated to supporting women working in the beer industry.

Corey Regini, Packaging Manager & Brewster for KettleHouse Brewing Company, is leading the charge, seeking to create Montana’s first chapter of the PBS.  Along with Becky Molm of Helena’s Blackfoot River Brewing Co., Corey is one of only two female brewers in Montana’s 40+ operating breweries. 

Membership in the PBS is open to women anywhere in the world who earn at least part of their income from working in the beer industry, from production to tap room sales, to back office staff.  To maintain membership, a member must be actively employed in the beer industry, seeking reemployment in the beer industry, or be retired from a long career in the beer industry.  Members can be elevated to voting status by attending one or more meetings at one of the many chapters. 

Corey says she has witnessed a small increase in the number of women working in the brewing industry over the past couple of years, but much more work is left to do.

Indeed, many of Montana’s newest breweries are set to increase the numbers. Owners Kristin Smith and Sarah Dinning are working hard to open Cabinet Mountain Brewing in Libby.  Co-owner and beer ambassador Maggie Doherty is counting down the last few days until Kalispell Brewing Co. opens.  LaNette Diaz is co-owner of Katabatic Brewing Co., under construction in Livingston, along with husband Brice Jones.  Diana Garrett is co-owner of Great Burn Brewing, under construction in Missoula.  Still, the number of women working in the industry from the ground up remains low and the PBS seeks to change that.   

On June 11, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., KettleHouse Brewing Co.’s Community UNite will raise funds for the PBS with a portion of each pint sold going to the Montana chapter of PBS.  They’ll also be holding a raffle with some cool prizes and hope to raise $1,000 from the event.

KettleHouse’s Northside taproom is located at 313 N 1st St W. 

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