Montana Brewery Status Update And Television Interview

With the news of yet another brewery hitting town, Missoula’s KECI television station called for some insight into the state of breweries in Montana.  I happily obliged with an interview appropriately taking place at Draught Works Brewery.   You can watch the interview here (which I am unable to embed):

With Triple Dog Brewing Co. opening recently in Havre, Montana now has 41 operating breweries (42 if you count Kettlehouse’s two locations).  Contrast that with 2009, when I started Growler Fills, and there were 26 operating breweries.  Two have since closed (Lang Creek, permanently and Desert Mountain, perhaps temporarily) but we’ve had a net increase of 17 breweries in five years.

Eight more are under construction and expected to open in 2014. (Lolo Peak, Kalispell, Muddy Creek, Beaverhead, Meadowlark, Katabatic, Cabinet Mountain, Great Burn.)  That would be the most brewery openings in a single year – at least in the “modern” era. Three others are in the planning stages in Missoula with perhaps Ice Bridge Brewing the furthest along. 

I have four others on my “announced, but not much more” list.  Plus, does anyone know what’s happened to Butte Brewing Company? After a big splash and some serious construction activity, it’s gone completely quiet.  If you’ve got the scoop or some contact info, send it along.

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