406 Brewing and Recherch’e Organics Create Montana Beer Inspired Soap

Soap. That’s probably not something you expected to read about on Growler Fills. So how do I make soap interesting to readers of a beer related blog? Add beer to it, of course.

Hop Infused Soap

Matt Muth of Bozeman’s 406 Brewing Co. and Hillari Ladd, owner of Recherch’e Organics, have paired up to create a fun line of soaps, in part to help the brewery find another use for its waste stream.

This is no soap on a rope.

Recherch’e Organics and 406 created four soaps, with each soap representing one stage of the craft beer process.  The Hops Infused Soap uses a bend of Simcoe and Cascade hops. Each bar of the Beer Infused soap is made with 1/2 ounce of 406 Brewing’s Oatmeal Stout. The Draft InGrained Soap is made from spent grains from 406 Brewing’s beer.

The Brew soap combines all three into a tri-colored soap, starting with a layer of hops, a layer of spent grain soap, and finally a layer of the Oatmeal Stout beer soap.Hop Infused Soap Ingredients

Recherch’e Organics sent me with a bar of the Hop Infused soap to try out. It’s got a very pleasant earthy/musky aroma with a bright floral component, though I wouldn’t immediately identify any of the aromas as hops. It lathers well, rinses well, and leaves a soft feeling and more of that nice aroma.

Hey, that’s about the extent of my soap review capabilities.

In any event, these things would certainly make a good stocking stuffer for the beer-fan-who-has-everything or anyone looking for some quality soap from an eco-friendly Montana connection. You’ll find Recherch’e Organics’ products at this link.

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