Winners of the 2014 Montana Mashup Homebrewing Competition

The Winners of the 2014 Montana Mashup homebrewing competition were announced at an awards ceremony following a fun-filled and information packed lineup of speakers organized by the Montana Homebrewers Association.

One hundred twenty-nine beers were entered across 19 categories. The Best of Show winner will have the opportunity to have the winning beer brewed on a commercial scale by Missoula’s Draught Works Brewery.

Photo Courtesy of Montana Homebrewers Association

Photo Courtesy of Montana Homebrewers Association

Category Winners
Pilsner: Doug Child, Manley Pils
European Amber Lager: Matt Nelson, Vienna Lager 3
Bock: Nathan Boot, T-Mullet
Light Hybrid, Brett Currie, Nadd’s Rye Ale
Scottish and Irish Ales: Doug Child, Manley Scottish
American Ales:  Rick Dahlen, Session Pale Ale
Porter: Matt Rachor, T.H.E. Porter
Stout: Chad Cunningham, Darkness
IPA: Nick Carson, 3 Bitch IPA
German Wheat and Rye Beer: Doug Child, Manley Hefe
French and Belgian Ale: Bryan Humphreys, No Rye Saison
Sour Ales: Jarrod Fancher, Kriek
Belgian Strong Ale: Ric Dahlen, Belgian Dark Strong
Strong Ales: Rick Smaniotto, Burning Bridges Strong Ale
Fruit Beers: Carl Spurgeon, Flanders Peche
Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer:  Matt Miller (Missoula), Yolo Tony
Smoked and Wood Aged Beers: Clint Nissen, Swept Up Stout
Specialty Beer: Ryan Beal, Sour Saison

Best of Show:
1st Place: Chad Cunningham, Russian Imperial Stout
2nd Place: Brett Currie, Rye Ale
3rd Place: Doug Child, German Hefeweizen
Honorable Mention: Rick Dahlen, American Pale

People's Choice Winner's PrizePeople’s Choice Winner:
Alan McCormick, Straight Up Maris Hopper IPA No. 4, American IPA

Club Winners:
1st Place: Zoo City Zymurgists (8 category winners)
2nd Place: Bridger Brew Crew (2 category winners)
3rd Place: Mile High Mashers (1 category winner)


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