Missoula Craft Beer Week Featured in Best Unusual Beer Experiences

Putting on Missoula Craft Beer Week, a product of Ryan Newhouse and Alan McCormick operating as Craft Beer Promotions, LLC, is an annual exercise of creative thought, outreach, pavement pounding, more than a bit of cajoling, a touch of hand-holding, and good ol’ hard work.

Missoula Craft Beer Week provides beer fans an exciting week of varied beer-centric events which go far beyond the routine pint nights.  In fact, striving to connect beer and people in unusual ways is one of our principal goals.  In past years that has included beer and art, beer and bookmaking, beer and desserts, beer and beards, beer and coffee, and many other fun pairings.

Thus, it is with a fair amount of satisfaction to see Missoula Craft Beer Week featured in Epicure & Culture’s Sips & Suds: 12 Best Unusual Beer Experiences in the USA. Epicure & Culture bills itself as an online magazine designed to help people explore the world through food, drink, people and culture.

Missoula Craft Beer Week caught Epicure & Culture’s attention due to our inaugural Craft Beer Cup, a nine bar, nine hole, eleven brewery mini-golf tournament which raised $1,148 for the Missoula Food Bank.

Look for the Craft Beer Cup to return during the 2015 Missoula Craft Beer Week.  And if you have suggestions for more unusually great events, we’re all ears.

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