Bozeman Brewing’s Bozone Hop Harvest is Sunday, Sept. 7

Bozeman Brewing Co.’s annual Bozone Hop Harvest picking party is this Sunday, September 7, beginning at the wonderfully early hour of 8:00 a.m.  (If head brewer Bill Hyland is there promptly at 8:00 a.m., I’ll personally buy him a beer next time I see him – subject to the keg exchange noted below.)

Those with backyard hops can drop them off at the brewery on Sunday morning, or give the brewery a call in advance at 582-9142 to schedule a pickup.

Last year the happy hop pickers harvested over 200 pounds of hops which were in turn used by Bozeman Brewing Co. to produce Terroir Local Fresh Hop Ale.

The party takes place at the brewery at 504 North Broadway Ave. in Bozeman and runs until they’re done picking the hops.  Head over to the Cateye Cafe and get your fill, then stop by to donate hops, help pick hops, or just watch the fun. In return, the brewery is providing free refreshments and the chance to experience this local tradition.

In the email I received from Bozeman Brewery announcing the event, I noticed they pilfered one of my pictures (the one here) for which they did not provide credit.  I’ll call us even if they’ll float me a keg (1/6 barrel would do it) of this typically excellent beer in exchange. We’ll throw a hop drinking party. Who’s in?

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