Perhaps The Best Beer Ad Campaign Yet

I have no idea if its beer is anything to behold, but South African brewery Garagista Beer Co. recently launched an advertising campaign that made me laugh out loud.  (Thanks to Beer of SC for the tip.)

Perhaps it’s because I have neither the age nor the appearance of your typical beer blogger (and total lack of a beard), but this approach comes along at just the right time. The fiasco that hit Cigar City Brewing Co.’s Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout release day event earlier this year is one of many reminders that the fever pitch generated around “rare” beers is getting old.

Beer is not that important. For every supposedly world class beer that drives beer geeks to frenzied heights, there’s a one-off that’s just as good at a nearby brewery they missed because it doesn’t have a rating on Beer Advocate.

But I digress.  AdWeek has the scoop on Garagista’s ad campaign in this article:  South African Brewer Uses Ads to Declare an All-Out War on Hipsters – Hands off our limited-edition beer By Alfred Maskeroni. 

There are many more ad images in the article, so be sure to check it out. Enjoy.

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