Boston Beer Co. Set to Introduce Amber IPA

Boston Beer Company, the makers of Samuel Adams and other adult beverages, announced today it plans to roll out its latest offering by the end of this week, an Amber IPA.

“Let’s face it,” said Boston Beer Co. communications specialist James Cooke, “Ambers are the Tuesday of the beer world. They’re not great like a Friday, or bad like a Monday, they just . . . . are.”  

“Boston Beer Co. set out to change that.” Mr. Cooke continued.  “We discovered if you blend just the right amount of regular IPA, white IPA, black IPA and imperial IPA, the result is a stunningly beautiful amber color and rich flavor that will take the beer world to new heights.”

When asked how the beer will fit in with today’s over-saturation of beer styles, Mr. Cooke explained. “Take Stone, for example,” referencing the west-coast brewer of beers such as Arrogant Bastard, “there is not a single style they haven’t hopped the hell out of.” “Heck, they’ve even got a 100 IBU Pilsner!” he exclaimed. “But even Stone doesn’t have an Amber IPA.”

Look for Samuel Adams Amber IPA in the company’s proprietary 12 ounce cans, bottles and on draft.  The roll-out begins Friday in Petaluma, CA, before hitting the rest of the country early next week.