Art on Tap Event Added to Missoula Craft Beer Week

Missoula Craft Beer Week is not just about the beer. We strive to create educational events, too, building an entire week of fun with plenty of variety.  Here’s one you might not have pictured.  
Art on Tap Missoula is teaming up with Elysian Brewing Co. and Caffe Dolce to present an evening of creativity mixed with craft beer. 
Art on Tap is a traveling painting class hosted by local breweries, restaurants and bars featuring a trained art instructor who leads participants through a painting while enjoying a couple of adult beverages.  You’ll leave with a ready-to-hang work of art all your own – and a fantastic story to tell about how you created it.  
The Art on Tap event will take place on Wednesday, April 30.  Details on pricing and signup are coming soon.  Stay tuned to and Art on Tap’s facebook page for more information.