Run Wild Missoula February Beer Run/Run For the Luck of It Sign Up

Run Wild Missoula’s monthly Beer Run for February takes place at Sean Kelly’s this Wednesday, February 26, 2014.  The good news? There’s actually some natural light past 6:00 p.m. these days, as I discovered this evening after a long day at work.  The bad news?  It’s snowing at an impressive rate this Monday evening as I type this.

Still, it’s a beer run and runners in Missoula have an impressive track record of not caring what the weather is. When it’s time for a run, it’s time for a run.

Even if you’re not up for braving the elements on a cold February evening, head down to Sean Kelly’s for an opportunity to register for the annual Run For the Luck of It 7 Mile and 5K races.  Sean Kelly’s has long been a sponsor of this Run Wild Missoula race which begins and ends right outside the restaurant/bar on Pine Street on March 15.

I ran the 5k last year (see picture, below) and it’s a wonderfully fun course, winding through the Westside and Northside neighborhoods of Missoula before hitting the lung-busting curly q’s of the Northside pedestrian bridge. This St. Patrick’s Day-themed race features a costume contest, post-race food, and a Highlander beer for the 21+ crowd.  Entrants also receive a “shamrific” unbreakable silicone pint glass.   

Sean Kelly’s is at 130 W. Pine St.