More Montana Breweries Added to List; Now at 46

While making a few temporary design changes to the blog last night I also took a moment to update the list of Montana breweries in the side-bar to the right (look right, scroll down).  That seems to be a popular feature as I see people clicking through the list on a regular basis.

My criteria for being list worthy is pretty simple. Be open/operating or under construction.  I’ve had Butte Brewing Co. and Kalispell Brewing Co. on there for a while, though both are under construction.  Ditto with Canyon Creek (Billings).  Last night I added:

  • Mighty Mo Brewing Co. (Great Falls)
  • Lolo Peak Brewing Co. (Lolo)
  • Meadowlark Brewing Co. (Sidney)
  • Bonsai Brewing Co. (Whitefish)

They are all under construction, as is Great Burn Brewing (Missoula).   I haven’t added Big Medicine Brewing (Missoula) yet, because I’m not aware of any construction work beginning.  Mighty Mo is hoping to start brewing mid-November and I can’t imagine Kalispell and Bonsai are too far behind.  I’m working on getting some info on Triple Dog Brewing (Havre).  Same with Map Brewing (Bozeman). I am aware of two other projects in Western Montana and two in Central/Southwest, but can’t say more.

I guess if we’re going to be technically correct, Kettlehouse is now two separate breweries, though I’m going to leave that alone for now.

Bones Brewing in Billings is closing November 4, but I had never added them.*  Might have to take Desert Mountain off the list.  They closed for the winter on October 5 and soon thereafter put the brewery up for sale. I’ll leave them up for now in hopes of a smooth and quick transition.

So, if you’re counting – and we always are – that’s 38 operating breweries and 8 known to be under construction for a total of 46.  It won’t bother me if you want to add one for the second Kettlehouse.  But if you’re that big of a stickler, you’ll need to subtract one for Desert Mountain since it is not currently operating.  In that case, we still end up with the same number.

If you’re aware of any others under construction or otherwise in the works, send me a note.

* Update:  Sounds like Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. plans to continue to brew at the Bones Brewing site.