Sign Up Today for American Adjunct Lager Beer Dinner

Tired of beer dinners that leave you stuffed with creative courses filled with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and beers that span the spectrum from fruity farmhouse ales to barrel aged robust stouts?  Well, here’s your chance for something different.  Five courses paired with five beers specifically designed to leave you wanting more.

That’s right, it’s our  American Adjunct Lager beer dinner. We’ve paired five courses made with ingredients you’ve probably got in your cupboard (and freezer) with five of the very best American Adjunct Lagers, including the gold and silver winners from this year’s Great American Beer Festival.

Even better, we’ll have expert brewers on hand to explain how they eliminate full-bodied taste by adding 25%+ corn and rice to the grain bill.  Listen along as they tell us how the lack of hop aroma and hop flavor blend perfectly with the over-carbonation. It’s the perfect opportunity to treat the beer lover in your life to a very special night.

If you’d like tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, contact us now!