Barley’s Angels Introducing Women to Quality Beer

You may have noticed a couple of posts on Growler Fills about Barley’s Angels. Today, we welcome a guest post from Becky Molm, brewer for Blackfoot River Brewing Co. and organizer of the Howling Wolf chapter, to provide some background on this great organization.

BY: BECKY MOLM – We are hosting our second ever Barley’s Angels event at the Blackfoot on Sunday, May 13. What better way to celebrate your mom than by bringing her out to an educational event that involves pairing beer with cheese and learning about how beer is made?

What is Barley’s Angels? It was started by members of the Pink Boots Society (women who work in beer) as their consumer leg. Women that started the Barley’s Angels chapters had to be members of PBS, and the goal was to educate the female consumer about beer. I say “was” because Barley’s Angels has recently (within the last month or so) split from the Pink Boots Society. Many other reasons aside, it was mainly because of the tax status for PBS. Essentially, now anyone can start a Barley’s Angels chapter without having to apply or pay an annual fee.

We started the Howling Wolf Chapter of Barley’s Angels here at Blackfoot because we want to educate our female consumers and create a fun environment for our female friends, staff members and all female beer consumers.

Women make up the major percentage of purchasing power in this country and while some breweries have been trying to market towards female consumers by marketing products like “chick beers” and low calorie beers, we believe that women believe in high quality, great flavor, and good value.

Most women actually prefer quality over quantity and are willing to pay more for a better product. So, we are trying to educate women about better quality beers and the amazing array of styles that are available, and trying to show consumers how beer has just as many good qualities as wine (not just flavors, but also health qualities!!), and have just as many, if not more pairing options with food.

The Howling Wolf Chapter of Barley’s Angels invites women to get involved in their local craft beer community- come out and have a pint with us!