It’s 2012: Time for More Craft Beer

2011 was a great year for craft beer in Montana and beyond.  While overall beer sales were down across the country, craft beer continues to capture more of the market.  There’s no question the “buy local” movement is alive and well in the craft beer industry. With more than 1700 craft breweries in the US (and 30 in Montana) the choices continue to expand. I love trying new brews where ever I go and 2012 should be a banner year.

I thought about doing a post full of predictions for the craft beer industry, but I really have no idea.  Black IPAs were the biggest trend two years ago and continue to be hot (thankfully).  In 2011, it seems no style of beer was safe from belgian style yeast experiments, often with very good results.  Sour beers are gaining much traction and it’s a safe bet we’ll see much from these creative styles in 2012.  Care to weigh in on your predictions for 2012?  Leave a comment and we’ll discuss.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite beer pics yet. It’s a Kettlehouse Brewing Co. Brick and Mortar Imperial Porter which I shot on a rare sunny, winter day in Missoula.