Untappd: Like Facebook for Beer

Here’s a fun app/site for the beer friendly crowd.  Since August I’ve been checking out Untappd*, a way to keep track of the beers you’re drinking and connect with other beer lovers.  Once you’ve created a free account, you can “check in” the beer you’re currently drinking along with where you’re drinking it.  You can also add a rating, comments and even upload a photo. It’s a great way to keep a running log, especially if you’re like me and tend to try something new everywhere you go.   There’s an impressive number of breweries/beers already in the database and it is easy to add ones that aren’t.  You can see how others have rated the beer and get suggestions on similar beers.

Untappd allows you to connect with friends by creating a friends list where you can see what they’re drinking, where they’re drinking it and let’s you toast their check in and comment on it.  A search feature lets you search for fellow Untappd members in your area.  It works on any internet capable phone, though there is a native app for droids. Like most apps there’s an occasional bug, but it generally runs well and continues to improve.

Yeah, I know this is sounding like an advertisement for Untappd, but it’s not. I’ve enjoyed using it and thought you might, too.  If you’d like to connect, search friends for “Growler Fills.”

* That’s spelled correctly: “Untappd”