Chicken, Beer and Fartleks

No, it’s not the latest Judd Apatow movie, it’s time for Run Wild Missoula’s monthly beer run.  What? You didn’t think these monthly feasts of fitness and fun took the winter off, did you?  Even in the dark and slippery night, the beer runs continue for the hardy.

This month the run takes place at Double Front Chicken at 122 W. Alder St. in downtown Missoula, continuing a tradition started last year by Chancellor of Libations Pat Cross.  As usual, the five mile run starts at 6:00 p.m. followed by beer and the best fried chicken in town.  Bring your headlamp, torch or candelabra to light the way.  Not up for running in the dark and cold?  Stop by anyway and make fun of the ice crystals hanging off the runners. Current forecast for Wednesday:  High of 35 and 80% chance of snow. Sounds about right.
Fartlek. n. Running training technique that blends moderate effort with short bursts of intensity; not unlike the potential results of eating too much fried chicken.