Flathead Lake Brewing Co. Saison

Where most of Flathead Lake Brewing Co.’s brews pack some serious flavor punches, Saison lands on the softer side, providing a lighter bodied brew that just might light up your summer day.  We stopped in at the brewery at Woods Bay this past weekend  while spending a couple of days hanging out at Flathead Lake.  The joint was busy as we visited with bartender extraordinaire Glen and took in a couple of pints.

The Saison is a pale, cloudy yellow with a white head and aromas of grain and classic Belgian yeast. The body is light and crisp with flavors of grain, grass and light malt with Belgian yeast flavors lasting throughout the flavor profile.  There is a slight hint of hop bitterness in the dry finish.  Light, crisp flavors of grain malt with belgian ale yeast flavors throughout the profile. Slight hint of hop bitterness in the finish. It has 24 ibus and 5.6 % abv and goes great with sunshine.