Lone Peak Bottles and a Nordic Blonde

Lone Peak Brewery in Big Sky, MT, started bottling four of their beers back in May. Those bottles made their way onto Missoula shelves over the past week and we got our first look at the artwork, which looks pretty snazzy.  The four brews are Hellroaring ESP, IPA, Hippie Highway Oatmeal Stout and Nordic Blonde,  They’re unfiltered, bottle conditioned and packaged in 22 oz bombers.  All are available at Worden’s Market in downtown Missoula.  For starters, we picked up an IPA and a Nordic Blonde.

At 4.5% abv and a good dose of flavor, the Nordic Blonde suggests a possible session ale for warm summer days.  It pours a bright gold, hazy color with a thin white head. There are aromas of grain, floral and hints of a citrus, like grapefruit. Flavors are largely grain and grass with a background of muted bitterness. It has a dry finish to it’s light body, but there’s plenty of flavor. Sitting in the backyard on a hot day, it’s a pleasant beer to drink.