Growler Fills T-Shirts Ready to Roll

Now you can show your love for Growler Fills and look good, too, in a new Growler Fills T-shirt. These lightweight t-shirts have the Growler Fills logo on the front and an awesome iconic, tap handle and growler on the back.  They’ll keep you cool in the summer while you’re drinking your favorite craft brew and checking in on all the fun at Growler Fills.

We’re working on an online store. Until we get it ready to go, send us an email and we’ll hook you up right away (growlerfills @ gmail . com).  T-shirts are $18 and available in S, M, L and XL. Shipping is extra, but we’ll keep it to a minimum.  If you’re local to Missoula, we’ll meet you for a pint and drop them off. Hey, we’re proud to be a mom and pop operation here, having fun blogging beer and spreading some craft brew love. Hopefully we’ll have the official store up and running soon.  Grab a T-shirt and support Growler Fills and craft beer, too.

For stat geeks:  These t-shirts are Tultex 3.2 oz, preshrunk, 65% polyester/35% cotton blend in heather brown and printed with non-toxic, pthalate-free inks.  Not sure what a pthalate is, but it’s apparently not good. The tags are removable. (Shirts are a little browner than they appear in the pic.)