Growler Fills’ Beer Fridge Looted, Replaced With Bud Light

MISSOULA, MT – Growler Fills founder Alan awoke to a disturbing sight early Friday morning.  On his way through the garage he noticed something amiss.  The door to the Growler Fills Beer Fridge was slightly ajar and bright light spilled across the dusty floor.

“I thought I must have not have closed it all the way last night after pulling out a cold one,” he said.

He was wrong.

As he reached to close the door he noticed something highly unusual. The fridge seems uncharacteristically empty.  “Sure, the selection gets a little low sometimes,” Alan recalled later, “but you know you’ll always find something to put a smile on your face.” Not this time.

To his horror, Alan pulled back the door and nearly dropped to his knees.  Where a mouthwatering selection of stouts, imperial ipas and pale ales had been, only cold air remained.  That, and five Bud Lights. “Bud Light” he noted with clear exasperation in his voice. “And I don’t even rate a six pack.”

Investigators discovered an empty, crumpled Bud Light can in the front yard, but so far have no other clues. “It’s for darn sure they weren’t drinking that after they got to the Fridge,” Alan said.

A drop off point for replacement brew donations is being set up. E-mail growlerfills @ gmail . com for more information.