Where To Find Beer Series

We love to feature great places to find beer here at Growler Fills.  It provides a shout-out to those in the business while helping you discover new places. What is a great place to find beer? It could be a brewery, a restaurant, a bar, a grocery store, a bottle shop, a tap room, your fridge . . . . . really, anywhere!  It doesn’t need to have a huge selection of taps or the biggest selection of bottles.  It just needs to do what it does well, in support of craft beer.

We started a new page to collect all the links in our Where to Find Beer Series to make it easy to sift through them.  The posts will appear on the blog where they always do and we’ll add a permanent link on the Page. There’s a few up so far and we’ve got a couple more to add once we get around to writing about our recent trip to San Diego.  There’s lots more to come, too.

Remember one thing, though, please. This is no contest. If you don’t see a favorite up there, no worries. Heck, there’s six or seven places in our home town we haven’t even written about yet.  Though we wish we got paid to travel around exploring craft beer, we’ve got full time jobs and can only travel so much. When we do, we keep an eye out for great places to find beer.

We’re always up for an invitation to your favorite place and gladly take suggestions, too.  Where is your favorite place to find beer?