Red Lodge Ales Broken Nail Double IPA

Red Lodge Ales has a nice IPA that makes for good summer drinking called Bent Nail IPA.  It’s bigger brother, a double IPA, is creatively named Broken Nail. This one pours a very clear medium gold color with a rather thick white head.  The aroma is sharp with citrus hops and perhaps a touch of underlying caramel malt. It’s an 8.5% abv brew, but has a much thinner body that you might expect for that hefty of a beer.

Initial flavors are strongly citrus and pine hops with a moderate amount of hop bitterness. There’s a good caramel malt base, but it never overtakes the hops. Quite a lot more citrus develops as you enjoy the pint. Finally, much more malt comes through as it warms.  It is available around Montana and beyond in 22 oz bombers at a very reasonable price.