UK Set to Approve Schooners

According to this article from the BBC the United Kingdom is set to allow the sale of a new measure of beer known as a schooner, an Australian two-third pint measure.  Current UK law allows the sale of beer only in pints, halves and thirds.  A UK pint is 568 milliliters, or about 19.2 ounces. A schooner is 400 ml, or about 13.5 ounces. I wonder what these folks have to say about that. Who knew pints have been an official UK measurement since 1698?

You’ve probably noticed from most of my pictures that I’m using British pint glasses, but I rarely fill them up.  That’s because I’m usually pouring a 12 ounce bottle of beer into them or splitting a 22 oz. bomber into two glasses to share.  I like the way the British pint glasses feel in my hand and the extra space helps to concentrate the aromas, an essential part of the beer drinking experience.