Growler Fills’ 1st Anniversary!

One year ago today, Growler Fills was born out of a desire to keep a log of the beers I’d tried and wanted to remember. As you can see from the first couple of posts, I had no interest other than to keep a few notes.  It didn’t take long before that evolved into a little beer news here and there while spreading the word about a good new beer from our great Montana breweries. 

When I started the blog I had no idea whether I’d still have an interest one or two months later, much less one year into the fun. Over 140 posts later, I’ve digressed into running adventures, traveled to my home state of Virginia, sought out new styles, breweries and great places to find beer, and had a great time telling the tales here on the blog. Well, most of the tales.  Some are better left to quiet memories.   No doubt the blog will continue to evolve.  Thanks to a weekend trip into different beer territory last weekend, we’ve got a freshly stocked fridge of new beers to try.  An upcoming trip to points east will provide a chance to explore more of Montana’s breweries.  I’m sure there’s more running adventures on the way, too, and I’d love to hear from more Beer Runners.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Growler Fills.  If so, send me a little love on this 1st Anniversary and let me know what you’d like to see during the next year.