Super Bowl: Good Food, Good Beer, Good Game

Given I’m much more of a college football fan than a fan of the pros, for me the Super Bowl is more an occasion to break out some good brew and whip up some good food.  The IPA round-up turned out to be a great success and I’ll post the results quite soon.

Loyal readers know that crab cakes are a favorite and made for a great new year’s eve dinner along with some coffee stout home brew.  Crab cakes once again were the dish of choice for the Super Bowl, this time paired with some jalapeno hush puppies and cilantro line sauce. Deschutes Brewing Co.’s Hop Henge Experimental IPA paired up wonderfully with the crab, cilantro lime sauce and jalapeno hush puppies. And the game? Not being partial to either team, I got just what I wanted: an interesting game that held my attention while cooking and keeping notes on the beers.