North Fork Organic Porter

Ever find a beer that just “does it” for you? You know, one of those beers that perfectly fits what “beer” ought to taste like and you’re always happy to see on tap?  Blackfoot River Brewing‘s North Fork Organic Porter is one of those beers for me. Flathead’s Peg Leg Porter was another, but Flathead Brewing is no more.  North Fork Organic Porter is a full bodied brew packed with great roasted malt flavor. It finishes with a great coffee-like bite.  Blackfoot describes it as a traditional English-style porter. Frankly, I don’t know that I’ve had a traditional English-style porter and would put this one more in the robust, American style given its full body and higher hop levels.  It doesn’t matter. This beer does it for me. I only wish I could find it more often.

Name: North Fork Organic Porter
Brewery: Blackfoot River Brewing, Helena, MT.
Style: Robust Porter.
Color: Dark brown, almost black with red highlights and a tan head.
Packaging: draft.
Stats: 6.5% abv, ? IBU.
Bought: Blackfoot River Brewing, Helena, MT.
Ruling: Four and a half out of Five Hops. An excellent robust porter.